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Debt Consolidation & Debt Settlement

​Bring Balance Back into your life  How would consolidating your payments into one monthly payment make you feel? In Canada, there are many different types of debt consolidation options to choose from. We talk with you about your situation to find a balanced approach for you. 
Debt Settlement Circumstances can change and your financial health can become unbalanced and your intentions of repaying your debts in full are no longer possible. This could be caused by a change of your circumstances and may have your creditors open to negotiating a repayment amount. This amount could be less than the full value of your debt that you currently owe. Some of these negotiations have led to settlement amounts that could be substantially less than you owe and range from 20% to 80% less of the debt owed. Each settlement is dependent on your personal financial situation.​ Debt Management Program A debt settlement requires a lump sum of money to be offered to the creditors and is not always a viable option for people experiencing financial hardship. There are, however, other debt-relief options that can be of substantial help to you including either; Debt Management Program, or a Consumer Proposal. If your debts are causing you to feel unbalanced, feel free to contact us at Balance Credit Counselling and we can conduct a review of your financial situation and analyze what options can be available to you. We are a caring non-judgmental group of professionals, confidentiality is important to us, and the review is free.​How Balance Credit Counselling Works ​Our Balance consultants will gather a list of your assets, debts, and liabilities to assess your current financial situation. We will assist you in identifying potential referrals to partner professionals who may be able to assist in finding equity you may have. Based on the information we gather we will explain all of the potential options available to you, that will alleviate the stress and pressure you may be facing. We will give you educational material or counselling related to financial wellness to give you the tools to hopefully prevent further financial issues. 
Everyone's debt settlement amounts are based on individual financial situations.