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Credit Counselling

What is Credit Counselling?​Credit counselling helps you improve your financial situation by looking at areas for you to improve or change that can bring back balance to your financial health. This is accomplished by talking with you and addressing your various concerns, whether they are about your credit, how to budget better or to get help dealing with your debts. Credit counselling helps you decide what is best for you with the help from a credit counsellor.  What is a Credit Counsellor?​Our Credit Counsellors help you find solutions to your financial challenges and problems by helping you bring financial balance back into your life. They do this by; making referral to an agency or business who could help, provide financial wellness education or counselling, find the potential equity that would assist you in restructuring or paying down debt.  Why Choose Balance Credit Counselling to help you? Our team at Balance cares about you and your financial health by working with you to set up your Consumer Proposal, and we help you restart your balanced financial life by facilitating and connect you with resources to empower you to become successful in your balanced financial situation.