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Cellphone Debt and your Repayment Options

Learn how to deal with accumulating cellphone bills effectively.
Cellphone debts are problem for an increasing number of people. While often the debt is relatively small, it can have a dramatic impact on a person’s credit.
Cellphone debts occur for a variety of reasons. They can result from a change of provider, missing a few payments or helping a friend or family member by getting a contract in your name. Sadly the consequences can be severe.
Though the amounts owed are usually small they can impact credit to the point where dreams of buying a car or house are put on hold. There can also be ceaseless calls from collection agencies that are seeking payment.
To best address cellphone debt with the aim of reducing creditor calls and positively impacting credit scores, talk to a credit counsellor to determine if the debt should be paid, worked into a consolidation program, settled or ignored.